Friday, January 29, 2010

Home Automation: How convenient will it be ?

Everyone would love to have an easy and convenient life style in their daily routine. With the help of today 's technology, it is possible to have their dream come true. Sometimes they may not have a complete home automation system but even a partial system will make a lot of difference. There are only three steps to have the projects implemented. They are: planning, installation, program set up - and you have the home automation ready. It will do whatever you desire.

In all the houses around the globe, only a few percentage is automated. Thus you will still have to turn on the switch in every room you walk in or the appliance in your house. In an automated house only one switch will change your life style completely. By flipping that switch, you are asking the system to take over and do whatever you have programmed it to do.

When you are watching movies in your entertainment room, a touch on your wireless remote will automatically dim the light and close the curtains. Half way through you decide to have coffee, you just use the remote and start the coffee maker. If you want to turn on your outside lights you will just use that same remote again. All these can be done while you are watching the movie. You don't even have to get up and interrupt your movie. Isn't that great?

Sometimes when you come home late from work or shopping, you can use your PDA to turn on your home lights, switch on your stereo system, have your favourite soundtrack on and turn on the air conditioning unit.

Besides performing all the tasks for you at home, the home automation system also allows you to communicate with it from anywhere around the world through a secured website. A click on the Icon on your computer screen will take you straight to your home (after providing the right ID and Password, of course!). This home automation software interface will then allow you to turn on your lights, set your dimmer setting, room temperature setting or water your lawn and close the curtains etc. With a security camera monitoring system, you can take a look inside or outside your home whenever you want.

Home automation system is changing people's way of living by performing most of their daily routine tasks. This has made life so convenient at home and also provides additional security to us.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Home Automation System

Home Automation: What can it do for you, your family and home

30 years ago we found it amazing to watch all those automated devices shown in the movies. Sometimes we thought it 's all done by camera tricks. Maybe it was, but now with today's technology, it is possible to have the automated system almost every where even in our own home. When automation was first introduced, its cost was too high. That's why it was not introduced to the home market.

Nowadays more and more people are installing home automation gadgets to their new home, especially on the high end units. Those who have it treat it as one of their necessity items because it makes their daily life more convenient, fun and secure when they are away from home. Some people however think it as a waste of money.

The problem for the starter users is that they have to do the initial setup and learn to input the data for the home automation gadgets to do whatever they want. It may seem difficult at first but after a while, it will be easy. Luckily the installation is usually done by the expert during the construction, so the home owner will have less headache for this part. If you are a do-it-yourself person there will be no problem at all.

With the development of the wireless system that has a very realisable signal, it become easier for older homes to have the home automation system installed. This gives rise to more older home owners deciding to use home automation system in place of the Alarm system. They just have to replace their old devices with the new wireless units. Most home automation devices are capable of security use and control of household appliances, lighting, room temperature monitoring, and other many uses as long as you have the lists.

When used for security purpose the home automation system has many advantage compared to the regular alarm system. The older alarm models will only activate siren when a burglar breaks into a house, either through the door or windows. Usually it takes the authorities a few minutes to arrive so most of the time, the burglar will have enough time to ransack the home and escape. The old alarm system serves no other purpose, for example when you go away on a vacation you will need to use a portable timer to control your home lighting, just to make believe that someone is at home.

With the automated system you can programme your home lighting to come on if a burglar breaks into you home at night and the siren can come on at the same time. This will, most probably scare the burglar away. With motion sensors outside the house parameter, the lights (inside & outside) will be on before the burglar has a chance to get any closer. This will give out an advance warning. This is a better way than coming face to face with the intruder inside the house, as at that very moment most of us are in a panic or tense situation and may cause harm to each other.

Beside protecting you from burglar, trespassers and vandals by automatically turning on the lights and siren, the home automation system has other uses. Like protecting yourself and family members from injuries due to tripping or falling down the stairs at night. At night, the light at the location where you or your family are coming through will automatically turn on at a dimmer setting to let you see where you are going. You don't even have to touch any switch. It's all there for you.

The Home automation system really makes life easy and provides us with more security option.

Tony Chiew
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Saturday, January 9, 2010

About Home Security

About Home Security

Most of us are worried about leaving home while either at work or on vacation. This is due to the fact that almost every now and then you hear what is going on around your neighbourhood, its could be a crimes or burglars, this may be worrying us while going to sleep. A lot of people live in fear thinking of their family at home (while they are away) due to the fact that someone could easily break in to their home and harm their kids or older person. Some people will think of keeping weapon at home due to this fear but its not going to help once they (burglar) are already in the home.

These fears that people develop come from incidents that have happened in the past to others. These days, people are getting more cautious about protecting their loved ones and their homes. Most will install burglar alarms, motion light unit outside their home, keep their doors locked at all times, never open their doors to strangers, and keep their windows locked. When going on vacation, friends will help to look after the home . Some will invest in a home security system.

Burglars or intruders will often keep a watchful eye on a house for a while before they take action. The best way is to always make the home feel as it there is some one there. Before thieves enter the home they always research well and look for any entry that they can use, such as doors, windows, skylights, and chimneys. They will also pay attention to any surveillance systems as well, and do their homework on how to disable or avoid them. If a house is well equipped with alarms, cameras, and motion detectors, a burglar may actually think twice before he attempts to ransack a home.

When burglars want to rob a home they spend a lot of time planning, carefully studying and watching. Although locking your doors and windows will help in a way, but a determined burglar will always find a way to do it, even locking your windows and doors isn't enough.

Having sturdy and strong doors and windows will take the burglar extra time to break in. In the process, he can easily get caught due to the high level of noise he will make trying to get into the home. It is always better to have good lighting in your yard.

Alarms are very popular now as almost all new houses have its installed. More and more old houses are turning to alarm too as its a high level of security for the home. Surveillance system is a good way to invest as you can record the event and also can watch who is outside the home before opening the door. Burglars will have a second thought of their action when a home is equipped with the Alarm and surveillance systems. initial start for the installation might be pricy (some are free if you sign a contract for 3 years) but the peace of mind and safety of your family is worth the investment.

Securing your house is the top issue this day no matter where you live. Before you start find out what is on the market and understand how the equipment work will take you to the right track. Get reference from friends on the company that you want to deal with for your system and monthly monitoring.

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